Eye Vitamin Manufacturers

The following manufacturers of eye vitamins adhere to excellent manufacturing methods and base their formulas upon existing research. Listed alphabetically.

Alcon – An array of eye supplements containing the trademark, ICaps. Some, but not all, are based on evidence demonstrating effectiveness versus macular degeneration.

Bausch and Lomb -An array of eye supplements containing the trademark Ocuvite and Preservision. Most Ocuvite formulas contain too few components to be effective. Only those formulas containing the trademark, Preservision, are considered beneficial against macular degeneration.

Vitamin Science – Vitamin Science manufactures the largest choice of macular degeneration supplements under the trademark VisiVite, based on level of vision loss and smoking history, including AREDS supplements and more advanced formulations. They distinguish themselves by using natural rather than synthetic components, including the more expensive d-alpha form of Vitamin E, and are widely imitated in the supplement industry for their thoughtfully-constructed formulas.

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